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From US Lacrosse - College Recruiting Guidebooks - US Lacrosse is pleased to introduce you to our college recruiting handbook, So...You Want to Play Lacrosse in College? boys' and girls' editions. In recent years, college recruiters have accelerated the timeline and created recruiting formulas that are unique to them. The direction of the college lacrosse recruiting process has led to confusion by some, frustration to others and questions for everyone. The intent of these handbooks is to present hard facts, dispel the myths, and to promote the essentials. Click on the following links for a FREE downloadable copy of the handbook that can help the player and family through the recruiting process.

Lacrosse College Recruits and High School Recruiting

From LaxPower These unofficial lists contain verbal commitments, early signers, recruits, and walk-ons. Some of the latter will not make the team, but neither will some recruits. A status flag (albeit imperfect) should help identify which is which. Because a player is on the list does not mean that he or she has signed a national letter of intent (NLI) or otherwise made a commitment to attend a school. The NLI program is tied to an offer of athletic aid, and some Div. I schools do not participate in the program. Players listed may not yet have been accepted for admission.

Intercollegiate Mens Lacrosse Coaches Association

The official Information Resource for EVERY COLLEGE LACROSSE COACH IN THE COUNTRY

NCAA Eligibility Center

The NCAA Eligibility Center took over operations for the NCAA Initial-Eligibility Clearinghouse in November 2007. The Eligibility Center certifies the academic and amateur credentials of all students who want to play sports at an NCAA Division I or II institution as freshmen. In order to practice, play and receive an athletics scholarship, students need to meet certain academic benchmarks. An additional certification process exists to make sure the student is still an amateur, which is necessary in order for the student to compete. Click here to start become eligible.

Other Resources from US Lacrosse

Periodically, Lacrosse Magazine publishes articles examining the current state of college recruiting, a topic on which families, prospects, coaches and others expend considerable resources, time and emotion.

High Schools Face New Challenges With Early Recruiting (The Washington Post)
The recruiting process on the collegiate level now more closely resembles that of basketball and football.

D-III Reaps Benefits From D-I Early Recruiting (Lacrosse
Coaches share their insights about the evolving recruiting landscape.

College Coaches Recruiting Younger and Younger Players (Baltimore Sun)
Sophomores look to secure spots at top programs even as US Lacrosse decries recruiting climate.

US Lacrosse's Position Statement on College Recruiting
USL's Board of Directors has issued a statement on the complex nature of the collegiate recruiting process for high school student-athletes.

Competing for Scholarships on the Field and Online (Wall Street Journal)
With tuition for a four-year private university topping $250,000, families are eager to tap some of the $2 billion that the NCAA estimates is granted in athletic scholarships each year.

Players Goal: College Game (Boston Globe)
As the sport of lacrosse continues to gain popularity, colleges and universities are increasing their investment in lacrosse programs, opening the door for more scholarship opportunities.


Beyond the Big Time, Opportunities Abound
With over 400 men's and women's college club teams as well as Division II and III teams, prospects have a wide array of choices outside of the Division I, scholarship environment.

See it in D3
Rewarding experiences await NCAA Division III prospects, although costs in the non-scholarship world can be a factor for families.

Lessons from Signing Day
High school seniors can sign during a one-week period in November or during an extended period the following April.

Me Time
The beginning stages of the recruiting process can feel daunting. As such, there's some important things to keep in mind.

Make the Most of Summer
Prospects should e-mail college coaches and send video and a schedule.

Camp Stories
Camps and club teams can help with recruiting, but do your homework first.

Best Foot Forward
Five tips that can help attract college coaches and assist in a recruit's interactions with them.

Piece of the Pie
Partial scholarships remain the whole truth for most Division I recruits.

Be An Educated Consumer
Sorting through lacrosse's private club and for-profit entity options requires diligence on the part of prospects and their families. (by USL President and CEO Steve Stenersen)

Too Vested In Verbals?
Signing day a respite for recruiting-crazed prospects, whose early verbal commitments may not mean what they once did.

Passport to Campus
Official and unofficial visits reveal much to prospects and colleges.

Free Fall
Weekend tournaments are replacing Friday night lights in some areas, forcing student-athletes to make a tough call.